Estate Planning Legal Services

We offer comprehensive estate planning legal services.  Every estate plan is unique, because every client has different estate planning goals and personal and financial circumstances.  An estate plan is an important tool that can help you and your loved ones prepare for your future, especially if you have children and/or real estate and other assets.  An estate plan not only allows you to designate what should happen with your assets and who should take care of your children should anything happen to you, but also helps your loved ones potentially save a lot of money in taxes and other costs.  A well constructed estate plan allows your heirs to take advantage of property tax savings and also avoids probate, which is a very costly and extremely lengthy court process.

An inadequate estate plan can cost your loved ones not only a significant amount of unnecessary expense, but emotional turmoil as well during a very difficult time.  We recognize the importance of achieving legal goals in a cost-effective and professional manner. We typically charge a flat fee of $2000 for a single person and $4000 for a couple. 

We will work with you to help you craft an estate plan that suits your unique wishes.  A typical estate plan is comprised of 4 main documents that all work in concert to achieve a comprehensive estate plan: 

  • A trust, which is like a financial bucket in which you put all of your assets into

  • A will, which allows you to name a guardian for your children and funnels any missed assets into your trust

  • ​A financial power of attorney which allows a third party that you have named to step in and make financial decisions for you if you are not able

  • An advanced healthcare directive which allows a third party that you have named to step in and make health care decisions for you if you are not able

We also help you with the final step, which is making sure that appropriate assets are actually in your trust and ensure that the remainder of assets are transferred as appropriate.